How do I get a job?

Put together an all-star resume and e-mail it jobs@theluckyslice.com, or come drop it off at one of our locations!


Will you sponsor my event, team, or fundraiser?

We love supporting community causes and allocate plenty of time and resources to it each and every year. To inquire about your specific cause, fill out our Marketing/Donation request form here.


Does Lucky Slice cater?

Yes! Weddings, events, gatherings… you name it we can make it happen. Fill out our catering request form here for more information.


Do you have Vegan items?

Yes, we do! Our dough is 100% vegan, as well as many of our toppings, sauces, sides, salads, and desserts! For a comprehensive list, take a look at our Vegan Menu.


What are your Vegan processes?

We take care to ensure that any Vegan items that we make and serve are strictly Vegan. We have a dedicated Vegan fryer, pizza cutter, and utensils to ensure that the food starts and stays Vegan!


What items are Gluten Free?

We have a 14” Gluten Free dough option, made with rice flour and potato flour, and all of our sauces are Gluten Free, so all of our pizza’s can be made Gluten Free upon request. Additionally, our salads and dressings are all Gluten free.


I want to display my Artwork or play live music at Lucky Slice. How?

We curate monthly artists in all stores, along with live music on weekends so there is plenty of opportunity for you! Email bookings@theluckyslice.com with your information and we’ll go from there!


Is Lucky Slice a franchise?

Nope! Lucky Slice is independently owned and operated with three stores, two food trucks, and a seasonal location at Powder Mountain.


What are the daily slice options?

Everyday = Cheese, Pepperoni, Marghie, Carnivore, The Monthly
Monday = Flower Child, CBR, & Vegan Marghie
Tuesday = Chicken Alfredo, Hawaiian, & The Carmen
Wednesday = BBQ Chicken, Spartiken, & Shirra
Thursday = Potato Pesto, Bleu Moon, & Vegan Marghie
Friday = Twilight, Fire Island, & The Carmen
Saturday = Dub All Star, Pepperoni Plus, & Shirra


Who started Lucky Slice?

Lucky Slice was started by three dudes – Mike McDonald, Will Shafer, and Nick VanArsdell in 2012 when they opened the original location on Historic 25th Street in Ogden. Mike was a lifelong pizza-shop worker, Will was a culinary guru, and Nick was a Business-whiz – so with their powers combined Lucky Slice was born!


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